The climate in the Virgin Islands stays relatively constant year-round with temperatures ranging from 75-85 °F. You'll need a bathing suit, sunglasses, some T-shirts, a couple of pairs of shorts, a sundress, flip flops and a good hat to fend off the sun. You'll also need some non oil-based sunscreen with a high SPF rating and some canvas deck shoes or sneakers. Insects are seldom a problem, but it's a good idea to bring repellent just in case. During the early spring and fall months, we suggest guests having long sleeves, and/or jackets. Our rule of thumb is pack your luggage and then remove half of it!
Non-marking “deck shoes” are perfect. Sport sandals or bare feet are a good too. If you come in heels or shoes/sneakers that scuff, we’ll ask you to stow them for the trip.
Yes. We have eco-friendly shampoo and body wash and hand soaps on board. Additionally, we have a hair dryer if you need one, but we recommend “Mermaid Hair” while aboard S/Y Pisces.
Yes, we provide for free the fins, mask and snorkel for your days snorkeling adventures. If you have personal equipment that you would prefer to bring onboard, by all means do. We have plenty of storage for personal items.
The motion on our catamarans are very easy, and except for special trips we aim to stay in smooth, sheltered waters. The catamaran design is very stable, and there’s none of the “heeling” (tipping) you may have experienced on other sailboats. Additionally, our sails steady the rolling motions so there isn’t the “wallowing” common on motor boats. If you’re in doubt, modern over-the-counter seasickness remedies are usually effective.
Depending on your carrier, you may have cell service in our sailing locations. AT&T, Verizon are both very reliable in the USVI. BVI typically switches your phone service to an international provider and additional charges may be incurred. Each member of our crew has a phone for emergency use.
The day will be broken up evenly between sailing and exploring the island locations. Most of our sailing time will be between 30 minutes and 2 hours between stops.
Not to worry, our crew is there to ensure your safety in and around the water. We do offer swim floats and noodles on board for guests to float around on if you choose. However, the crew will take you back and forth from the yacht to shore by tender as needed.
Our trips vary per your request, the inclusive package offers of all meals, soda, water, a limited selection alcoholic beverages and wine will be offered onboard along with, snorkeling equipment, all toys onboard, fuel, water and any docking fees, if applicable. Transfers to and from your hotel or the airport are not included, unless staying at Magens Hideaway .
Gratuity is optional for the crew and it is not included. However, it is customary, based on your satisfaction and service level to offer agratuity, anywhere from 10%-25% on your charter fee.
If there is a crew member - give the tip to the captain and he'll allocate it to the crew for you.
Yes. The S/Y Pisces offers 110V outlets for charging phones, cameras, tablets and other personal electronic devices. Please note that the outlets on the boat are US and if you have European devices we can offer the necessary adapters needed for your electronics.
Sailing on our catamarans is a very low-stress activity. If you can climb a step-ladder with confidence, you can sail on the S/Y Pisces at any age. We have life jackets for smaller children to don while outside the salon area. If you’re concerned about access for yourself or a member of your party, call us and we’ll be happy to chat!
Everyone, including US citizens do need a valid passport. Your passport must be valid for another 6 months upon entering the BVI. Visitors from some countries might require a visa to enter the BVI (BVI Tourist Board for information). If in doubt, please check with the BVI Tourist board or contact the nearest British Embassy.
Traveling through the US Virgin Islands or Spanish Virgin Islands does not require US citizens to carry a passport. WE encourage all nationalities to bring passports if traveling in the Caribbean; you never know, the wind may blow you across borders!
The currency is US dollars (USD). We do advise you to bring cash with you on charter. Most bars and restaurants accept credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Some smaller, more isolated bars and restaurants might only accept cash. Draw cash prior to your departure as ATMs are not available everywhere.